1   History Of Circumcision  
2   Aesthetic Circumcision By Alisklamp  
  Clamp Method Circumcision   
  Flash Cutter Circumcision   
  Electrocautery Circumcision   
  Laser Circumcision   
  Coventional Circumcision   
Or not to snip   
10  Adult Circumcision Affects Sexual Performance   
11  Circumcision: the crullest cut?   
12  Circumcision reduces risk of herpes and HPV infection   
13  When is adult circumcision necessary   
14  Uncircumcised boys and men may face more UTIs
15  Male circumcision and the path to an AIDS-free generation
16  Why Male Circumcision?
17  I Am Circumcised And Proud
18  History and Recent Trends
19  Why the Foreskin Increases Infection Risk
20  Cervical Cancer in Female Partners of Uncircumcised Men
21  Why are Human Males Born with a Foreskin? 
22  Societal Class Distinction 
23  Circumcision and HIV: The AIDS Virus
24  SUMMARY: Circumcision versus Lack of Circumcision